Cerebreon and Cortx

Human intelligence meets machine intelligence in the business intelligence software for the insolvency sector

brand identity, logo design

Cerebreon are an ambitious tech start-up who develop business intelligence software platforms. They have created Cortx: the only intelligent debt recovery platform that uses deep learning technology and smart analytics to optimise recovery, reduce operating costs and ensure compliance; delivering the best possible outcomes for the insolvency industry and for consumers. Both Cerebreon and Cortx needed a strong and recognisable brand identity that works as a brand family and can be presented separately as well as together. The tone needs to be serious and professional, and there needs to be a clear distinction from other players in the market as well as from the trendy stereotypes for design that are widespread in the tech start-up world.

Dara Creative have worked on the brand strategy, naming for the software platform (Cortx) and brand identity for both company and platform. The brand identity of the two entities is created as a brand family. The logo is built on the concept of recognising and celebrating the symbiotic relationship between human intelligence and machine intelligence: Cerebreon is the human intelligence that designed and developed Cortx, and Cortx is the machine intelligence that provides analytical solutions. One cannot exist without the other – that’s why the two Cs come together.  The two Cs form a really strong icon in the negative space, that represents Cortx: the X. The identity builds on the concept of dual intelligence also through photography, as well as colour: a cold palette for the machine side Cortx and warm palette for the human side Cerebreon. The classic serif typeface conveys a sense of authority and professionalism to the identity.
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Lead designer
Brand strategist: Devina Menon

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