My role: Freelance graphic designer
Agency: DNA vino
Project type: packaging

Concept design for wine label

The family-run Tuscan winery Giulio Straccali has decided to launch a new Italian red and white wine with focus on the US market. The wine is very light and fruity, for a young target audience that are fairly unexperienced wine-drinkers. The brief was to create an elegant design that would reflect a higher price-range and that would give an Italian look and feel. I have developed some initial concepts inspired by the Tuscan countryside, but after this first phase the client has decided to take a different route and has changed the brief to developing a mark based on their home-owned dog named Galileo. I have worked on some further design concepts following the new brief. 

Concept 1: Chianti hills

Concept 2: Tuscan country-road

Revised client brief: the dog Galileo 
Option 1

Option 2 with variations

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