Great Food from European Green Cities

A book about European sustainable food initiatives and recipes

print design, book design

The European Green Capital and Green Leaf Awards are a way for the European Commission to recognise and reward local efforts of European urban areas to improve the environment, the economy and the quality of life in cities. The EGCA is given each year to a city, which is leading the way in environmentally friendly urban living and which can thus act as a role-model to inspire other cities. In order to promote these awards, a recipe book showcasing sustainability best practices of European Green Capitals and cities as well as practical recipes from all over Europe of how to cook and prepare healthy and sustainably grown food was commissioned.

I have designed a book that is engaging and playful through a bold use of colour and vivid imagery in order to attract attention to the wider public, to policy makers and to majors in local communities, but the topic of sustainable practices is central: Each chapter portrays one of the 12 criteria of sustainability that are at the core of the EGCA and EGLA Awards. I have designed custom icons to highlight the sustainability aspects of each recipe, giving information such as CO2 emissions, the season of the recipe, whether it is a vegetarian option, locally produced, and other. A map of Europe with previous European Green Capital and Green Leaf winners and finalists pays a tribute to the municipalities that have already participated in the award and draws attention to unity aspect in Europe.

The recipe book was printed in both a soft-cover and hard-cover format. It won the 2019 Gourmand Award in the category of ’Special Awards by International Organisations’ under the ’Free Food Culture List’.

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