self-initiated, 2018

This project has started since I left my hometown Milan and moved to London: I have started using disposable cameras whenever I was travelling back and forth between Italy and the UK and have collected quite a large amount of images. I was constantly comparing the places, trying to define each for what is most typical, most iconic and trying to find images that give the ‘essence’ of a place. I was looking to define a place by colour, light, details in the landscape which could range from an urban shopsign to a brick wall. For this series I have decided to edit some of the images by juxtaposing them onto each other, trying to show the comparison/contrast of two different places in one image. By sometimes choosing words that were contained in some urban landscapes of the images, a new layer of meanings is added, for the reader/viewer to be questioned and deciphered.

© 2018 Alessandra Caputi