La Villa – Buonconvento, Tuscany

My role: Art direction, graphic design, UI design
Photography: Diego Poggialini

Web development: TobuGroup
Project tags: Identity, website


A reconverted Tuscan farmhouse for holiday rental
La Villa in Buonconvento is a red brick farmhouse situated in southern Siena region in Tuscany, refurbished and fully equipped as holiday house. It can accomodate up to 11 people and features large and comfortable indoor spaces, plenty of outdoor spaces, garden and swimming pool.


I have designed the visual identity and a brochure website in English and Italian language, as the focus is on an international target. The design of the logo is based on a shape in the cotto flooring pattern, which is a very distinctive element of the house. The website layout is based on the use of photographic details opposed to larger views of the property to create strong visual engagement. It is a very simple, yet visually strong responsive website.