Nivea Oil in Lotion

Re-imagining the sensual lotion by Nivea


advertising image by Nivea

The client Nivea identified opportunities to increase sales on an oil-based lotion by expanding the series with new scents, and by launching a new the product with a new design for the packaging. The brief was to come up with a new illustrative style and to develop the label design for the four fragrances of the lotion. 

Various concepts for illustrative styles have been presented to the client, including a wrap-around packaging: the idea of using a bigger area of the product bottle to display the branding and the illustration. The chosen design route consists of a very delicate illustrative style, that moves away from the abstraction of the previous design, towards a more figurative one. This design captivates the consumer by conveying the softness, richness and sensuality of the lotion. I have been involved in this project for the execution of the illustrations.  

My role
Freelance designer

Creative direction
Adrian Smith, Elena Pelosi

Matteo Thun & Partners

Before (2016) and After (2017–2018)

Wrap-around packaging – concept

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