New positioning and websites for a specialist telecomms provider

brand strategy, web design

Ripplecom is an Irish-owned highly specialised telecommunications provider with great engineering expertise. While they were well-known for being able to bring broadband to houses in the rural areas of Ireland where none of the other providers could reach with connectivity, they were not exploiting to the full all their abilities bringing these to businesses. At Dara Creative we held a workshop to identify their ideal target audience and sweet-spot customers, as well as a niche in the market. We have built up a brand strategy comprehensive of competitor analysis, brand architecture and customer value propositions for the identified target audiences. Furthermore, we have implemented the brand strategy on the website, building the site architecture, contents and visual language around the new positioning of highly specialist Solution Architects who are able to deliver custom solutions for businesses with complex connectivity needs.
My role
Lead designer
Brand strategist: Devina Menon
Website build: in collaboration with Carmel Guilfoyle and Pixel2Coding

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