Venezia on the verge

Exploring the printed map as a medium to depict reality

M.A. Graphic Design, LCC, London

The major project of my M.A. Graphic Design is an enquiry about the printed map as a medium to depict reality. After some work on the concept of ‘limits’ I have developed my research question: Where lies the limit between accuracy of representation of the territory and functionality of a map? The final resolution of this research project are two non-functional maps of Venice – the one tending towards Reality, and the other one towards Unreality. I chose Venice as symbolic place to illustrate these investigations: It both has an important past in the history of cartography and also represents well the concept of limits as it sits at the edge between land and sea. This project is largely inspired by Italo Calvino’s "Invisible Cities" and is the outcome of many months of research and experimentation.

1. To the limits: Defining the research question, starting the visual exploration 

2. My Atlas of Research: a visual summary of the research process

3. Venezia on the Verge: Two maps of Venice and a report to guide through the thought-process

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