Wien Ball in Mailand 2018 / 100 Jahre Gustav Klimt

Setting the tone for a unique Viennese Ball experience in Milan 

print design, visual identity

An annual gala evening brings Austrian Waltz tradition to Milan, and celebrates the encounter of two cultures. The Wien Ball in Milan is the main annual event organized by the cultural association Austria Italia Club. It is a traditional ball in perfect Austrian style, with young couples having their debuting dance. The event is sponsored by both Vienna and Milan municipalities and is hosted by one of Milan’s most prestigious members’ clubs located in the centre of the city. I have created the visual identity for this event every year since 2011, developing a printed invitation, entry ticket and evening programme booklet.
The theme for 2018 is the 100th anniversary of Gustav Klimt’s death, so the brief was to create an identity based on Klimt’s work. The Austrian national colours red and white always need to be at the core of the design, but can receive slight alterations in the tone. 

I have created a piece of typography inspired by Gustav Klimt and the Art Nouveau Viennese movement ‘Sezession’, in which Klimt was playing a pivotal role. The unique typography, together with a warm colour palette and a pattern based on the initials W for Wien and M for Milan are the visual elements that build the visual identity for 2018 edition of the Wien Ball in Mailand. 

My role
Freelance designer

Austria Italia Club Milano

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