saluti dal Mondo Antico / greetings from the Old World

Un viaggio in Italia, a piedi. estate 2015

The Old World is Italy, full of ancient beauties to admire. But the Old World is also the place you discover when moving forward only by walking, with a backpack and nothing else than yourself and your legs to bring you from one place to the next. This nomadic adventure is about re-discovering the bare necessities, living to the rhythm of nature and encountering people on the way, connecting to the soil.
I have traveled on my own for twelve days, walking on the Via Francigena about 250km from Siena region (southern Tuscany) to the Vatican City, Rome. For each day I have chosen the most significant shot taken with a disposable camera and made a set of postcards. On the back of each postcard I have shown an essential map of the itinerary, highlighting the location that corresponds to the picture. I have chosen analogue photography and postal service for this project, as they are slow media and seemed the most appropriate tools to tell the story of my journey on the Via Francigena. To keep records of the project, I have perfect-bound one set of postcards and have added a cover-card that depicts the whole journey on the backside.

"The walker is a son of the soil, every step is an acceptance of gravity."
(Frédéric Gros, A philosophy of walking)

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